• Why?
    Why do some people live to the age of 100, despite their smoking and drinking habits? Why do athletes die 20 years earlier, despite their good nutrition? Why do some people lose weight when exercising and others don´t? Why are some people more successful in their jobs and sports than others?
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  • Sports
    Sports: The difference between winners and losers. Mental strength is a muscle that can be trained, metabolic tuning functions as an “injection” for your cells. Athletes can improve their performance with our unique program.
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  • Executive managers
    Executive managers need a customized health management and personal health coaching to survive their careers. According to surveys nearly 25% of all executives are close to suffering from burnout syndrome.
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  • Prevention
    For the very first time in the history of medicine personalized medical prevention is possible.
    „… During centuries medicine tried to treat. Today the ultimate goal is to prevent rather than to cure …„
    Pr. J. Dausset (nobel laureate for medicine)